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JCF Lending Group offers Used Mobile Home Financing. We are a home only lender, providing mobile home financing for homes not attached to real property by way of deed or title. We do not finance mobile homes and land, just the mobile home. The majority of our customers live in mobile home parks or in leased lot communities. Below we have outlined our basic requirements and guidelines to better assist you. Meeting the below requirements does not guarantee approval. Contact customer service for more information. MOBILE HOME FINANCING


  • Approvals in 15 Minutes. (Phone Only)
  • Used Mobile Home Finance with as Little as 5% Down.
  • Terms from 7 - 25 Years.
  • Homes 1977 or Newer.
  • Minimum Loan Amount $20,000.00, Maximum Loan Amount $500,000.00.
  • Minimum Equifax/Beacon Credit Score 660.
  • All Finance Programs Offer Fixed Rates with No Prepayment Penalty.
  • Closing Costs Can be Financed.
  • Down Payment May be Gifted. (10% Minimum Down Required)
  • Zero Application Fees.


  • Home Can Not Need Major Repairs or Need Deferred Maintenance.
  • Home Must Exceed 600 Square Feet and Minimum 12 Feet Wide.
  • Must be Primary Residence or Vacation Home, No Rentals Allowed.
  • Home Must be On Existing Lot and Have Skirting with Utilities Intact.
  • Located on Rented/Owned Land that is Not Tied to the Home by Deed.
  • Minimum Loan Amount $20,000.00. Maximum Loan Amount $500,000.00.


  • Must Be Legal U.S. Resident, with Verifiable Documentation.
  • Must Have 5 Year Credit History, with a Previous Car Loan.
  • Must Have Good to Excellent Credit. No Poor or Fair Credit.
  • Two Year Work History, Unless Retired. Must be Verifiable.
  • Cannot Be In Credit or Debt Counseling. Must be Completed.
  • No Bankruptcy or Foreclosure Within 4 Years of Discharge Date.
  • Income Must be Verifiable. (No Stated Income Programs are Available)
  • Minimum Down Payment is 5% of Selling Price, Depending on Year.
  • No Borrowed Down Payments. Source must be Seasoned Funds or Gift.


Q: I See that You Must Have Good Credit. What if My Credit is Bad or Poor?
A: JCF only offers mobile home loans to consumers with good or excellent credit.

Q: Does JCF offer Land/Home Combination Financing?
A: No, JCF does not finance land or land & home combinations. We are a home only lender.

Q: I Want to Buy and Move a Mobile Home onto My Property, Can JCF Help?
A: No, JCF will not finance a mobile or manufactured home that will be moved after financing.

Q: Can JCF Help me Purchase a Mobile Home from a Dealer?
A: Only when the Dealer is acting as a listing agent for a homeowner. We do not finance new homes or homes that are coming from the dealers inventory. If the home must be moved, we cannot help.

Q: Is there an Application Fee to Apply with JCF?
A: No. We do not charge application fees.

Q: Does JCF offer 100% Mobile Home Financing?
A: No. All customers must have a minimum of 5% down of the selling price. Best rates available with 20% down.

Q: Does JCF Accept Co-Signers on Their Loans?
A; No. All persons applying must live in the home with the exception of vacation homes.

Q:  Do I Need a Realtor to Use JCF Lending Group?
A: No. JCF will work directly with buyers and sellers. We provide all of the closing documentation necessary.

Q: Is  3rd  Party Escrow mandatory on JCF Mobile Home Loans?
A:  No, with the exception of California, where escrow is required. All escrow functions will be handled internally by JCF's Documentation Department.

Q: I Would Like to Help My Family Member Buy a Mobile Home. Can JCF Help?
A: No, JCF does not finance homes purchased for friends or relatives.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Be Approved for Mobile Home Financing?
A: By Phone in as Little as 15 minutes. Online applications take 12 – 24 hours.

Q: Are JCF's Mobile Home Loans Assumable?
A: No, our loans are not assumable.  

Q: Are there any Pre-Payment Penalty Fees on Your Mobile Home Loans?
A: No, although closing costs and escrow fees are non-refundable. Our loans carry no prepayment penalties.

Q: What Terms do Your Mobile Home Loans Run?
A: This depends on the loan balance. Our terms run between 7 – 25 years.

Q: How Long is the Complete Process to Get a Mobile Home Loan?
A; From application to funding, normally occurs within 2-3 weeks, depending on the State.

Q: Is JCF Affiliated with 21st Mortgage or Vanderbilt Mortgage?
A: No. They are friendly competitors, there is no relationship present.

Q: Do Your Mobile Home Loans Require an Appraisal or Inspection?
A: Yes, an inspection is always required. In some cases, an Appraisal/Inspection combination will be required.

If your questions have not been answered, please contact us.

We are able to offer the lowest mobile home finance rates possible along with a Variety of mobile home finance programs to meet the needs of a Nation. We will easily guide you through the finance process, providing you with whatever level of service you require. We offer Fixed Rate mortgages, No Pre-Payment Penalties, No Application Fees and we are Proud to be an Equal Housing Provider.


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