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COLORADO USED TRAILER HOME LENDER JCF Lending Group is a Colorado used trailer home lender and was founded in 1994 with the sole purpose of providing manufactured & Colorado trailer home loans. JCF Specializes in Chattel Mortgages, a term used when referring to a loan on a Manufactured or Trailer Home where the land is not a factor and only the Trailer Home will be financed. JCF is a home only lender and proud of it. JCF is here for you, providing the best rate & term Colorado trailer home financing available today.

The majority of our customers live in Colorado trailer home parks or in leased lot communities. You may also qualify for a JCF Lending Group Colorado trailer home loan if your home and land are not tied together by deed or title. We also may be able to provide Colorado trailer home finance if the home sits on a relatives land.

COLORADO USED TRAILER HOME LENDER We are able to offer the lowest lender direct Colorado trailer home loan rates possible along with a Variety of Trailer Home Loan Programs to meet the needs of a Nation. We will easily guide you through the Colorado trailer home loan process, providing you with whatever level of service you require. We offer Fixed Rate financing, No Pre-Payment Penalties, No Application Fees and we are Proud to be an Equal Housing Lender.

We will provide the quickest Approval possible, sometimes within 15 minutes and let you know exactly the manufactured or Colorado trailer home loan we can offer. Then it's up to you to make the decision. We are open from 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM PST, Monday thru Friday, and on Saturdays 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM PST. We also have "Live Help" operators standing by 24/7, helping both existing and new customers get the answers to the questions they may have, all in real time. No waiting on email.


Need Colorado trailer home financing - Whether you are considering buying a used Colorado trailer home or buying a new Colorado trailer Home, JCF Lending Group will find a Colorado trailer home mortgage that's right for you. The type of Colorado trailer home loan received depends of several different factors, the year of the Colorado trailer home and current value is a strong factor, as is the credit of the applicant and the monthly income.

Once the Colorado trailer home loan is approved, the amount of the down payment determines the interest rate offered. As an example, a 10 or 20 percent down will offer a better rate than 5 Percent Down. Our terms vary from 7 years to 25 years, depending on the program you choose. The best Colorado trailer home financing rate can be obtained in most cases at a 15 year term.



Need Colorado trailer home refinancing - By adjusting your current Interest Rate and the number of remaining loan payments, many things can be accomplished. Savings can be great and long term savings even better. Reduced monthly payments and thousands of dollars of savings are a few of the possible benefits of Colorado trailer home refinancing or that low rate Colorado trailer home loan.

If the Colorado trailer home is in good condition and there is a sufficient amount of equity in your home, additional options such as an equity cash-out and debt consolidation Colorado trailer home mortgage can be an option. Our Staff will quickly ascertain whether Colorado trailer home refinancing will be beneficial. Our goal is to make sure each and every customer is offered the right Colorado trailer home finance option.


Q: Do you finance both manufactured & Colorado trailer homes?
A: Yes. JCF offers financing for both Colorado manufactured homes and Colorado trailer homes. We should point out that the majority of people refer to Colorado manufactured homes as Colorado trailer homes, as do many industry professionals. To be clear, Colorado trailer homes were built from 1970 until July of 1976, after that all homes built are considered Colorado mobile or manufactured homes. We also hear a lot of people refer to Colorado modular homes, when they are actually referring to Colorado trailer homes. In reality, Colorado modular homes are considered stick built structures and are assembled at the home site, not a factory, as with Colorado trailer homes.

Q: I have less than perfect credit, can JCF help?
A: Not in most cases. JCF lends to consumers with good to excellent credit. As you can see, JCF Lending Group offers the lowest rate manufactured & Colorado trailer home loans in the Nation. We can only do this by limiting our risk factor. Most lenders that had lent on poor credit are no longer in business. There are still a few lenders that will consider fair or poor credit.

Q: Can I use a Co-Applicant to qualify with JCF Lending Group?
A: Yes, as long as the Co-Applicant will be residing in the home. We do not allow friends or relatives that will not live in the home to Co-Sign on our Colorado trailer home loans. All applicants must live in the home that will be financed. We do however offer a limited "Buy For Program" that may allow a relative to purchase a home for another relative. The home must be in a park or leased lot community and the person that will live in the home must be approved by the park or community prior to the funding of the Colorado trailer home loan.

Q: Does JCF offer land & Colorado trailer home financing?
A: No. JCF is a Colorado trailer home only lender and we are not licensed to finance land or the combination thereof. When the home is tied to the land by way of deed, it becomes real property and/or real estate. JCF is a Chattel Mortgage Lender. Our Colorado trailer home mortgages are considered personal property loans. It is important to point out that our mortgages still have the same interest write off's as do real property mortgages. See your tax professional for more information.

Q: My Colorado trailer home is in a park and/or on leased land. Can JCF help me?
A: Yes. JCF specializes in this type of Colorado trailer home financing. Since 1994, JCF has been offering both Colorado trailer home financing and Colorado trailer home refinancing for consumers living in Colorado trailer home parks & Colorado trailer home communities where the lot is rented or leased. Again, this type of mortgage is called a Chattel Mortgage. We consider ourselves the number one lender for this type loan.

Q: Can JCF help me finance a brand new Colorado trailer home from a dealer?
A: Yes, as long as the home is currently set up in a park and/or community and the home and dealer meet JCF requirements. If the Colorado trailer home will need to be moved from a dealers lot or will be shipped from the factory, we are not the lender for you. The dealer selling you the Colorado trailer home should be able to provide you with competitive financing.

Q: Does JCF Lending Group offer 100% Colorado trailer home financing?
A: No. JCF requires that all customers put at least 5% down on the home they wish to purchase. We do accept gifted down payments, but we require that the person buying the home have at least half of the down payment on hand, the other half can be gifted. If you are using a gift as your down payment, please be advised that it must truly be a gift and repayment not required. Additional down payments can not be borrowed or provided by the Seller in the form of a contribution.


Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, JCF Lending Group specializes in the financing and refinancing of manufactured , mobile and Colorado trailer home loans Nationwide, with specialized programs in 44 States.

With decades of combined experience in the manufactured and Colorado trailer home industry, JCF Lending Group provides loans for homes that are in parks, leased land, family/private land where the home is not tied to the land by a mortgage, deed or a trust. We are a niche used Colorado trailer home lender and proud of it.

At JCF Lending Group our end goal is to personalize each financial need to each customers situation. Whether you are selling or buying a Colorado trailer home or refinancing your current Colorado trailer home, our experienced staff is ready to help.